How Internet Manipulated the Election USA 2016

How Internet Manipulated the Election USA 2016

The Internet is very powerful source people who didn’t recognize this long ago didn’t know the internet well. The Internet is had so many powers that it can be grown. The Internet has been very impactful on the Meta of the elections. According to the data science, anything on the internet is not secured and secured at the same time. The securing versions of the internet si something which hasn’t been accessed all this time. The things which have been accessed all this time is called not secured. People are finding life defining ways to make the internet secure and acceptable. There are many different conclusions on the elections that happened in two thousand sixteen. Many scientists believe that it was a masterpiece of work by the manipulations artist who manipulated different people on different occasions. According to the story, the internet is and has been used by the companies to manipulate the people. They manipulate how people think. They can even manipulate how people use the search and what to show them they can carry on the information and share the target audiences in different ways. The target audience gets the imidate and the correct knowledge every knows and then.

How was the election manipulated by the search engines?

The search engines are where people search for the topic. They search for different things and even the politicians. When a search is done on the internet, it can be easily manipulated and how to show them the result.The result is often largely different for example. A person searches the internet for XYZ positions they search shows the person who has been searched is very good. He has a good background good family good community behavior. But the story of that person could be altogether different from the other person it can be different in many ways. For example, the person may have a different background. He might right, or he might not even be rich. The rich and poor has a very viable effect on the person immediately. According to data scientist when the users see the results are in their favor of their search they believe the search immediately. This how the search engines manipulated.

How was the election manipulated by social media?

The election was manipulated by the social media was a group people sitting together and posting stuff on the social media where it created an illusionary vision for the people. This illusion was very effective on the result pages. It was effective because people believed it. Like many big politicians who want the elections terrorized different people on the factors. Factors were how different people are increasing terrors. How they are not wanted people in the region. How every country was on the verge of the war and how they need a politician who can have firm hand deliver the message this was the main factors of the election. The politicians even increased their reach with the option to buy followers on Instagram. Yes, and a lot of them were bought immediately.

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