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Renewable energy sources

Renewable energy sources

Renewable energy is generated from the natural resources such as sunlight, wind, geothermal heat and rain. The ranges of the renewable technologies are of solar energy, hydroelectricity, wind power and biofuels for transportation. Renewable energy exists freely in nature and is infinite. Like the wind, rain and biomass were not formed, but available naturally. These renewable energy sources are always available and will not run out, that’s why they are also called green energy.

Renewable energy is also known as clean energy and green energy. Many people know that wind energy and solar energy are renewable energy sources. There many renewable energy sources other than the wind and the sun. Anything that is used to create energy and quickly renew is the renewable energy sources.

Alternative energy is the energy sources they are used as a substitute for fossil fuels. Energies in it indicate the non-traditional and low environmental impact. Alternative energy does not harm the environment this distinction separates it from the renewable energy.

Popular renewable energy sources:

Hydropower energy source:

Hydro energy is tapped from the hydroelectric dams. Waterfalls and moves in many places and in many ways, the energy can be captured by many different ways. It is the most advanced and renewable energy technology that provides the electricity. Hydro is a renewable energy source with low greenhouse gas emission and high ramp rate.  

Tidal energy source:

From the tidal stream generators and barrage generations, tidal energy can be generated. Power generated from it is more friendly and have less impact on the ecosystem. For future electricity generation, tidal power has the potential. Tides are more predictable than the solar power and wind energy.

Geothermal or earth energy:

This is also called thermal energy because that comes from the earth. All people know that earth is hot, so the thermal energy is in the form of heat, it rises from the core of the earth to the place we are standing and is known as geothermal energy. This very rich source of energy, but in the rush of clean energy, it has been neglected.


Biomass is aka plant material that is a little bit different from the rest of the renewable energy sources. It is renewable only because it gets energy from the sun that is a largest renewable energy source. Energy is taking the plant from the sun when Brunt they release some of the energy, we can use that energy to create heat and electricity. Due to this, we can say that biomass as a natural type of the energy sources.


This fuel is made from the plant’s oil and is used in diesel engines. They are made of soybean, animal fats, microalgae oil, rapeseed oil and vegetable oil they all are the renewable organic raw material.

Why less use of renewable energy sources:

It is very costly to produce. Another thing is that it is available in remote areas, building power lines from their renewable energy sources to the cities is very expensive and difficult.

Why public relation officer is important part of organization

Why public relation officer is important part of organization

Public relation officer is also called public information officer. These officers use media to maintain a good image of an organization or company, by doing publicity campaigns and PR activities. These public relation officers coordinate public events and promote their company or organization. In some recent years, many organizations and companies, whether they are private or government sectors want PRO services and are hiring many officers. It is a very interesting job as s public relation officer has to be in front for press conferences, manage the organization’s reputation and organize events. This is the reason why PRO himself and PRO services in Dubai are important for the organization.

Public relation officer job duties:

The PRO have same job duties, whether he works with the private sector or in public. Maybe the targets can be different. The officer is working for the non-government organization, universities and for the governmental agencies in all cases they target the public.

Some businesses also hire, corporate relation officer as they maintain a relationship with the investors and customers as well the general public too.

As the PRO services and his dedication protect the interest of the organization, which is why they are important for the company.

Reputation management:

The prime function of the public relation officer to maintain the good reputation of the company. The officer has to promote the people, product of the company. He should enhance the reputation.

Create goodwill of the company:

A good public relation officer not only has to maintain the reputation but also create the goodwill of the organization. This helps a lot in maintaining the good and positive image of the organization.

Management in the crisis:

One of the difficult duties for PRO is the crisis management. They are mostly required for the company when the stock position is not favorable for them and when there is a takeover situation. Many situations arise of conflict due to policies between the public and company, the PRO has to be capable of dealing with all these problems and be careful about all this don’t cause damage to the organization’s reputation.

Press conference for the organization:

Whenever an organization made a decision, the PRO arrange a press conference. He has to make all arrangement invite everybody, decide the venue and for the journalists, he has to prepare the press kit. This press kit includes the press release with all details of the announcement.

Promotional duties:

One of the PRO services to the organization is to design the promotional campaigns. This campaign has direct communication with shareholders and consumers. They involve in community events to foster the goodwill. Campaigns help to create awareness about the product or services of your company. Some of the public relation officers involve in marketing strategy as well.

The PRO services are very important for any organization for maintaining a good reputation for promoting services. They played a vital role in organizing. Nowadays, many companies are hiring them, and their services are making companies move smoothly. They are very important for the organization.