10 Ways To Write Perfect Caption For Instagram

10 Ways To Write Perfect Caption For Instagram

Write down on Rough paper

Normally people post on any social media in a rush. They would take the picture. Edit it for a few moments and then post it. The caption is a well-thought process. They realize it after they had posted the picture on the Instagram and already they are few likes on it. Try to think of the captions. Write down few on the paper then post it on social media.

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Caption Word count

Always try to make full use of caption words. There is a total of twenty-two hundred characters for a caption. But only a few lines appear on the user’s feed. This doesn’t mean that captions need to be super short. So they could appear on friend’s timeline. Caption sole purpose is to describe what does the picture mean which is being uploaded. Use hashtags more often in the captions. The caption with a questioning sentence always attracts people to comment on the picture.

Using Verbs

Research shows that using verbs in the Instagram post is very important. These post always increase the chance of people and followers engaging in the post. Most of the users who use verbs in their captions get a lot of attraction on that particular post. These verbs allow users to take action on the post, for example, a user has posted a picture with a caption double tap this post if the same thing has happened to you in the past.

Question attraction

Encouraging people to comment on a post on Instagram can be quite difficult, but with a properly developed caption, this can be done easily. Experts achieve thousand of comments daily without a sweat. They engage their audience with a proper question on the caption. Ask them about their experience, for example, asking them about their experience on the trip to the city which you are going to visit on vacations.

Caption to profile

Through this way, followers can visit the profile. Mostly this is done by the link in the bioprocess. But interesting caption always lead to the profile make sure you are putting something in the caption that would take the audience to the profile instantly. Since links are not allowed to be posted on the profile. The best way to bring audience by posting link bio as a caption.

Invite friends to Tag friends

Always invite friends to tag their friends in the post. It helps to generate comments like plus a potential follower. Posting such caption means generating a chain of likes comments. A simple caption post can turn into a buzz on the social media. Buy Instagram followers from https://activeig.com to get your caption viral among other followers. Always engage people in such way it increases the potential of the maximum follower and keeps on increasing it.

Business contest

For the business profile, it is always necessary to create the contest caption post. It does not only engage people to join the business page. But make sure they are here for a long time. Contest attract thousands of users on a single post that it gets difficult to handle. That is why context are said to be a potential follower creator.


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